Caciocavallo semi-stagionato di Puntadura


Caciocavallo semi-stagionato di Puntadura

Peso: 1kg

Informazioni nutrizionali per 100g

Carboidrati (g): 0,45

Proteine (g): 2,75

Grassi (g): 1,56

Calorie (kcal): 4,94

COD: caciocavallo-s-stag-puntadura-2 Categoria:


The Calabrian product par excellence, the Caciocavallo has a tapered shape, tied by a trammel thanks to which it is hung for aging.

The name derives from the ancient habit to hang the blocks of cheese in pairs to dry them off over (“a cavallo”) a cane placed in horizontal position.

It is thin-crusted, smooth, straw-yellow, with a uniform and solid dough and light holes. The taste is fragrant and it deeply varies according to the aging period: it goes from a sweet and delicate flavour when it is fresh, to a pronounced and spicy flavour when it is aged.

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