Caciotta stagionata di Puntadura


Caciotta stagionata di Puntadura

Peso: 1kg

Informazioni nutrizionali per 100g

Carboidrati (g): 0,45

Proteine (g): 2,75

Grassi (g): 1,56

Calorie (kcal): 4,94

COD: caciotta-stag-puntadura-2 Categoria:


Caciotta is surely one of the most typical cheeses, and it is was of the first methods invented for transforming milk. That is why you can find several variations: size, flavour, fragrance, consistence and aging are just some of the many aspects that can differentiate and characterise it.

The craftsmanship implies that each block is different from the other. Generally speaking, we can say that the smallest and not-too-matured blocks have a much sweeter and delicate flavour and a soft and viscous dough.

The more you let it age, the more intense the flavour is; the dough gets much more solid until it finally gets spicy and grainy after two years of aging.

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