From generation to generation

The business idea comes from Aldo who decided to follow the way of his ancestors. Their reasons for living have been, for at least three generations, land, pasture and cattle and they thoroughly passed on the trade secrets and their experience, from father to son.

Relying on the family tradition, Aldo has built his competitive advantage trying to be, as much as possible, linked to traditions without disregarding innovations and modern technologies, in order to be always at the cutting edge and to be competitive in a just apparently static – but actually ever-changing – sector.

The experience in the sector acquired over the years, the constant commitment and the immense passion led to the success of the initiative; a passion that has deep roots in the family and which is combined with the enthusiasm of the new generation.

The main goal of our firm is to offer to our customers a high-quality product. We are not happy simply with good products, we want excellence.
Therefore, we have decided to focus on the total control of the supply chain, to be able to guarantee the best raw material for our cheese: the exquisite milk of our Pezzate Rosse.

You cannot reach quality overnight, but you can get it by constantly committing yourself and investing resources in research and in the application of actions respecting the current law and valorising every single aspect of the supply chain. Starting from the fields and the stable, to the dairy and the aging, till the packaging. We believe that the first secret to get a good milk is the wellness of our bovines: you can have a first quality milk only from well-nourished, well-bred and healthy cows; and it is better at every respect, also the dairy one. For this reason, we do take care of this factor, thanks to our stable who can guarantee the best comfort to our cows.

The animals can find a shelter in very big and comfortable bunks, to prevent them from disturbing each other when they sleep. We specifically care to ensure the bedding to be constantly clean. The animals are free to move and to feed in full autonomy.
The stable benefits from good natural ventilation. That guarantees a correct air circulation and provides the right refreshment in summer and the heat in winter.

As far as our cows’ nourishment is concerned, we supply them with the best branded forage and cereals: from Italian agriculture and easily traceable. In particular, the straw and the hay consumed by our animals come exclusively from the uncontaminated area of Sila and the High Ionian seashore.

We reckon that our Fleckviehs’ milk is the raw material critical to the success and to the recognition of our products. Our milk boasts the presence of vitamins and mineral salts like calcium and phosphorus which is much more appropriate for cheesemaking, as well as fundamental for the human organism, thanks to the presence of proteins with high biologic and casein value.

We collect milk daily, twice a day: at sunrise and in the early afternoon, through a modern milking system in a room separated from the stable, to be able to guarantee a high hygienic level.

Without any contamination from the outside, the milk passes through the milking machinery and the filtering system directly up to the refrigerator, where it reaches the temperature of 4° C within minutes, thus reducing the bacterial load and avoiding its proliferation.

The milk transformation’s process starts every morning at dawn, in the modern dairy farm located not far from the stable, thoroughly respecting the legal sanitary-hygienic requirements.

To obtain our cheeses and dairy products, in addition to our milk we only use a few simple ingredients: natural rennet and salt, according to the familiar ten-year tradition.

The dairy products are commercialised within hours away from their making.

On the contrary, the cheese requires the phases of salting and aging. They will stay in an advanced machinery where both humidity and temperature are controlled for a period that varies from a few days to two years.

The aging period will contribute to the differentiate the flavour of every single block of cheese, from the sweet and delicate to the intense and spicy.

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