The total devotion to the dairy art and the traditions

patiently passed from father to son allow us to obtain excellent products, with a genuine, natural taste, immediately recognisable and distinguishable, which satisfies the palate of the most exigent consumer.

This is also due to our natural landscape and the uncontaminated air of Sila which give our products unique organoleptic characteristics. These are very rare products, because of the increasing standardisation and globalisation pushed by the organised distribution and the liberalisation policies adopted by the EU governments, who do not care about contributing to destruct the local economy and to let agricultural traditions disappear, the same traditions which made the history of our land.

Our purpose is to directly deal with the final consumer, by endorsing short-chain and “kilometro zero” models, thus building a relationship of trust.

La Ricotta di Puntadura

The Calabrian product par excellence, the Caciocavallo has a tapered shape, tied by a trammel thanks to which it is hung for aging.

The name derives from the ancient habit to hang the blocks of cheese in pairs to dry them off over (“a cavallo”) a cane placed in horizontal position.

It is thin-crusted, smooth, straw-yellow, with a uniform and solid dough and light holes. The taste is fragrant and it deeply varies according to the aging period: it goes from a sweet and delicate flavour when it is fresh, to a pronounced and spicy flavour when it is aged.

Giuncata di Puntadura

A fresh cheese, typical of the Cosenza backcountry. Its name comes from the characteristic reed container, once used for its packaging, which lent it the typical rough surface.

Obtained thanks to the sheer milk coagulation, our Giuncata, ivory-white coloured, has a soft and serous consistence, a sweet flavour and a raw milk scent.

La Ricotta di Puntadura

Ricotta is our top product, the most acknowledged and appreciated by our customers, who certainly contributed to spread out our brand over the years. It has a soft and solid dough, white coloured, its consistence is creamy and velvety. Ricotta has a sweet flavour and a delicate aroma but a low caloric content.

You can eat it anytime during the day. Try it with sugar and cocoa.


  • Aged Ricotta: an alternative way to consume ricotta is to age it in order to obtain a different product, with a much more intense flavour, yet typical. It is ideal to eat it with bread or grated on a good pasta.
  • Smoked Ricotta: the colour of the crust is both dark and light-brown and rough. The aging gives it a stronger flavour.

Mozzarella fior di latte di Puntadura

Mozzarella is the staple food of the Mediterranean cookery. It is named after the cutting-off (“mozzatura”) to separate the single pieces from the dough during the craftsmanship.

Mozzarella is a simple and natural product, creamy and delicate-flavoured, to be consumed very fresh (not more than 3-4 days after made). Ideal for cooking and stuffing

Enjoy it plain or with a drizzle of oil.

Caciotta di Puntadura

Caciotta is surely one of the most typical cheeses, and it is was of the first methods invented for transforming milk. That is why you can find several variations: size, flavour, fragrance, consistence and aging are just some of the many aspects that can differentiate and characterise it.

The craftsmanship implies that each block is different from the other. Generally speaking, we can say that the smallest and not-too-matured blocks have a much sweeter and delicate flavour and a soft and viscous dough.

The more you let it age, the more intense the flavour is; the dough gets much more solid until it finally gets spicy and grainy after two years of aging.

Burrino di Puntadura

Known in some Calabrian areas with the name of “Putiro”, the burrino is a typical southern Italy cheese. It finds its origins in Calabria and Apulia; it was made for conserving the butter when there were no fridges.

Made with cow milk and a heart of butter, its main feature is the contrast between the sapidity of the shell and the softness of its heart. It is pear-shaped with a neck tightened by a rope in order to be hung. It is exquisite both to be enjoyed on its own or on toasted bread; it is ideal to combine it with grilled summer vegetables.

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